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Stone Payton

For over 24 years, Stone Payton has been helping organizations and the people who lead them drive their business strategies more effectively.

Mr. Payton literally wrote the book on SPEED®: Never Fry Bacon In The Nude: And Other Lessons From The Quick & The Dead, and has dedicated his entire career to helping others produce Better Results In Less Time.

As Managing Partner for Business RadioX, and co-host for the popular High Velocity Radio Show, Stone is constantly meeting and learning from innovative, passionate, driven people — inspiring individuals from all walks of life who have chosen to live into their dreams . . . and serve others who wish to do the same.

Lee Kantor

Lee Kantor has been involved in internet radio, podcasting and blogging for quite some time now. (Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy, his first show, began in the summer of 2005). “I am constantly amazed at the caliber of the people that I get to meet and get to know through the various radio shows that I am involved with.” says Kantor.

Since he began, Lee has interviewed well over 1000 entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, celebrities, sales and marketing gurus and just all around great men and women.

Now he spends each day helping entrepreneurs and business owners in Atlanta, GA see how hosting their own radio show and podcasting it on the internet can help them dramatically grow their businesses.



Ryan “Redhawk” McPherson/Producer & Host

Ryan is a graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and also a United States Army Veteran 11845207_10153136074381317_5228302723730490606_owhere he served as a Combat Infantryman and is a Purple Heart recipient from Operation Iraqi Freedom 09/06/08.

When Ryan retired from the Army in 2010 he ventured into the entrepreneurial world and became a small business leader and franchise owner/operator of a home dog training business from 2010-2015.

Ryan has been with Business RadioX since September of 2014. He began as a producer and engineer and now he has conducted HUNDREDS of interviews with business leaders from different industries and from levels of success. Both on the road at Trade Shows,Expos and in the studio. His interviewing style and technique is engaging and very conversational. He is known on the streets is involved with many programs.

Ryan also adds to his skill set ; canine behavioral consultant, promoting safety and responsible pet ownership. He has also earned certificates from the National Personal Training Institute, Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, Crossfit Defense, CPR/First Aid, North American Sports Medicine CPT, American Home Inspector Institute, National Outdoor Leadership School.

Currently Ryan is also on staff at Sharp Shooters USA in Roswell, GA where his responsibilities include firearm instructions, sales, and he is a a certified NRA range safety officer.


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